Monday, July 21, 2008

Black Strings

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Source: 20-month old girl. Mom says, "She is as of yet undiagnosed. Her older brother is ASD/Asperger's syndrome. She isn't showing much in terms of ASD symptoms other than severe GI enterocolitis symptoms, reflux, GERD, food intolerance, etc. We are sure we would see ASD symptoms if she wasn't on Neocate or if we had continued to vaccinate her further."

Style: Unformed, diarrhea with black strings.

Notes: Mom reports: "She has been off of all yeast protocol supplements (Klaire Ther-Biotic Infant formula probiotics and 5mg biotin twice a day) for the past 8 days because we are in the middle of collecting stool samples for a complete stool analysis. She has been in obvious GI pain with a lot of posturing and seeking belly pressure. Her sleep is terrible. This morning she passed a loose bowel movement with some yellowish cheesy looking clumps and numerous long black strings. Since her diet is >95% Neocate elemental formula, we are very sure that this is NOT something she has eaten passing out undigested. We are wondering about yeast, bacteria, parasites?? We have never seen the black strings before.

Submitted by: Sheri


alison said...

did she eat bananas? Bananas produce black strings in the poop.

NE Cath said...

Thanks, My 7 month old son's diarrhea looks very similar to this and he had banana porridge yesterday

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