Monday, May 26, 2008

Black Specs

Source: 3 year-old SPD boy
Style: Unformed, watery. Diarrhea with a few chunks of undigested food (corn?). Tons of little black specs; looks like black pepper throughout. Also a few black "seeds" and some white "seeds."
Notes: Child has had virus/stomach bug for 2 days. Ate very minimally throughout the day. Behavior was great.

Stomach Virus

Source: 3-year old SPD boy
Style: Diarrhea, unformed, undigested food (beans and corn).
Notes: Over the course of a day, the child's poop went from diarrhea with chunks of undigested food (beans and corn) to thick watery diarrhea to thinner watery diarrhea. I am suspecting a viral stomach bug because this child's sibling got the same thing the next day. Vomiting also occurred.

Undigested food

Source: 3-year old SPD boy
Style: Mushy. Two colors. Undigested kidney beans and corn.
Notes: Child had just finished antibiotics when this picture was taken. Child had been constipated for a few days (as far as I knew).

Partially formed, partially mushy

Source: 3-year old SPD boy
Style: Partially formed, partially mushy. Two colors.
Note: Child was on antibiotics for strep when this photo was taken.

Dual-colored, hard and mushy

Source: 3-year old SPD boy
Style: Partially hard, partially mush. Two colors.
Notes: Child was on antibiotics for strep at the time this photo was taken.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Yeast Die-Off/Oxalate Dump

Source: 17-month old girl
Style: Unformed, black specks, yellow cheese-like strings, gritty
Notes: Hundreds of black specks, and a few yellow cheese-like strings. It was very gritty too, which I [the contributor] believe to be an oxalate dump, based on some research. She is on an almost exclusive diet of Neocate infant formula, with a small amount of stage 1 baby foods as well, so this is definitely not something she's eaten passed out in the stool. A brief history: she's been on probiotics for 5 months, and biotin and magnesium for 6 weeks. We first started seeing signs of yeast in her stools 3 weeks after starting the biotin/magnesium. She is 24.5 lbs, 17.5 months old, and currently taking 3,500 mcg biotin twice a day, 100 mg magnesium twice a day and Ther-Biotic Infant Formula probiotic (a strep-free probiotic) from Klaire labs. Her chronic constipation (since 2 months of age) seems to be gone (hooray!) and her mood, demeanor and sleep are much improved.
Contributed by: Sheri

Formed, Dark

Source: 3-year old SPD boy
Style: Formed. #3 or so on the stool chart.
Notes: Has strep and has been on antibiotics for 2 days. First non-mushy poop in a while. Ate lots of rice today (constipating). Dark in color. First part to come out was little balls stuck together.
Contributed by: Tori

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dark, Gritty

Source: Undiagnosed boy, 2 yrs 9 mos old, possibly SPD. Also has dopa-responsive dystonia.
Style: Gritty and dark
Notes: Poop has never been this color before. Boy started Omega 3-6-9 oil the day prior. Boy has been GFCF for a while but started SCD diet a few days before this picture was taken.
Submitted by: Jennie
Comments sought?: Yes.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Very Dark Mush; Gritty

Source: 3-year old SPD boy
Style: Dark, hard mush. First part that came out (hard to see here) may have been formed and coiled like a snake on top of itself with the mush on top. This was dark like dark chocolate. Looks "gritty."
Notes: Child had strep but it had not yet been diagnosed, so was on no antibiotics at the time.

Little Balls Smooshed Together

Source: 3-year old SPD boy
Style: Barely formed. Lots of little balls smooshed together.
Notes: Constipated. Between #1 and #2 on Bristol Stool Chart but closer to #1.

Formed, Dark and Light

Source: 3-year old SPD boy
Style: Formed
Notes: Two different colors. First dark then lighter. Noticeable pieces of something in stool.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Formed with Dark Part

Source: 3 year old SPD boy
Style: Formed
Notes: Dark part near top


Source: 3 year old SPD boy
Style: First a very dark, hard ball, Then some formed pieces and a longer formed "tube," then mush on top ("cake batter")

Mostly Mushy

Source: 3 year old SPD boy
Style: Mostly mushy, "cake batter"
Notes: Brown flecks

Formed and Mushy Together

Source: 3 year old SPD boy
Style: Small formed pieces first followed by mushy "cake batter"
Notes: Brown flecks in the mush

Formed, Curved

Source: 3-year old SPD boy
Style: Formed, Curved
Notes: Brown/black flecks (blueberry peels? Anna's bread? oxalate dump?)

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